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Arunai Neuro Foundation (ANF): Championing Brain and Mental Health in Tamil Nadu

By Unified Brain Health Care and Arunai Neuro Centre & Research Foundation


Arunai Neuro Foundation, a registered trust (R/VIRUGAMBAKKAM/BOOK-4/112/2024) led by Dr. Porrselvi A.P. , Cognitive Neuropsychologist ( (Managing Trustee) and Dr. Sreenivas U.M., Consultant Neurologist ( (Founder Trustee), is dedicated to serving the neurological needs of Tamil Nadu's communities. We focus on promoting brain health and mental well-being across rural and urban areas.

Our mission is multifaceted. We organize monthly free neurological medical camps and cognitive screening events, making vital services accessible. Additionally, we offer a unique "pay what you can" model for group rehabilitation therapy, encompassing physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, neuropsychology, and psychological counselling.

Arunai Neuro Foundation is equally committed to research, education, and support. We conduct regular research initiatives and provide valuable teaching programs. Patient and caregiver support is a cornerstone of our philosophy, with dedicated programs designed to empower individuals.

Looking beyond clinical care, we aim to foster a culture of brain health awareness. Engaging community programs for adults and children will be a key focus. This includes establishing community hubs and play dates, emphasizing cognitive stimulation and social well-being for those who need it.

Located at 3/1, MG Chakrapani Street, Sathya Garden, Saligramam, Chennai- 600093, Tamil Nadu, India, Arunai Neuro Foundation is working to make a significant impact on the neurological landscape of Tamil Nadu. We invite you to join us on this journey towards a healthier, happier future for all.

Access Our Services:

Patients and caregivers seeking access to our foundation's services can contact us by phone or email.

Help Us Bridge the Gap:

Your contribution, however big or small, can make a real difference in the lives of individuals and families affected by neurological conditions. Donations can be directly transferred to the Arunai Neuro Foundation bank account.

Volunteer with Us:

We warmly welcome volunteers – students and trainees – to help facilitate our regular group therapy sessions, medical camps and organize events.

For more information on donating, getting involved with our initiatives, volunteering, or accessing our services, please write to us at or call 9047452258/ 9840041737.

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